Ibn Tyamiyyah studied under a great number of scholars and he himself mentioned a number of them as related by adh-Dhahabi directly from him.[1] This particular chronicle of teachers includes forty male scholars and four female scholars

The total number of scholars whom he took knowledge from exceeds two hunders.[2]

The following is a selectin of some of his teachers:

  • Aboo al-Abbaas Ahmad Ibn Abdud-Daa’im al Maqdasee
  • Aboo Nasr ‘ Abdul-Azeez Ibn Abdul-Mun’im
  • Aboo Muhammad Ismaa’eel Ibn Ibraheemay-Tanookhee
  • al-Manjaa Ibn Uthmaan at-Tanookhee ad-Dimashqee
  • Aboo al-Abbaas al-Mu’ammil Ibn Muhammad al-Baalisee
  • Aboo Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Abee Bakr Ibn Sulaymaan al-Aamiree
  • Aboo al-faraj Abdur Rahman Ibn Sulaymaan al-Baghdaadi
  • Sharaf ad-Deen al-Maqdasee, Ahmad Ibn Ahmad ash-Shaafi’ee
  • Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Qawee al-Maqdasee
  • Taqi ad-Deen al-Waasitee, Ibraheem Ibn Alee as-Saalihee al-Hanbali
  • His paternal aunt, Sitt ad-Daar bint Abdus-Salaam Ibn Taymiyyah


1. Majmoo’ al-Fatawa [18/76-121]

2. al-Uqood ad-Durriyyah page 3  & al-Kawaakib ad-Durriyah page 52

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