Ibn Taymiyyah’s Influence on Ibn al-Qayyim (part 1)

Shaykh al-Islaam ibn Taymiyyah revived the Salafi school of thought until it became the talk of all the people of Islaam throughout their various lands with the rare talents given to him by Allah and the command he possessed of the various sciences.
All this he did in ibn al-Qayyim’s presence.
He witnessed firsthand this new direction of thought which revolted against blind following, partisanship, Ilm al-kalam, and he gross errors in creed (existing at the time) and brought the ummah back to the way of the pious Predecessors (as-Salaf as-Salih).
It refers every dispute to Allah and the Messenger (saws)

It is inevitable that this would have a great impact on his students; he possessed the determination, the knowledge, and the sharp intellect to lead him to the straight path with the care of his Lord. Therefore, it was not likely that ibn al-Qayyim would turn away from this influence.

He developed a relationship with shaykh al-Islaam starting in very year of his arrival (from Egypt).
He attentively participated in his classes to take from his knowledge.

He accompanied him for sixteen years, all the while reading to him the various sciences. As a result of this lengthy companionship, he had a tremendous influence in the formation of his perspective, the development of his talents, the developments of an ardent desire in him for the understanding of the Book and the Sunnah and referring to Allah and His Messenger (saws) Thus he was the brightest star amongst his pupils and the most famous of tem. Hardly is the teacher, ibn Taymiyyah, ever mentioned except that his student, ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah is mentioned alongside him.

The light of these two notable scholars spread to the corners of the earth because of the vastness of their knowledge, the soundness of their ideology, and their revival of the Call to the Allah’s Straight Path. [1]

[1] ibn al-Qayyim, Hayatutu Wa Atharu (p. 78)

(taken from ‘The Biograophy of Imam ibn al-Qayyim’
by Salahud-Din ‘Ali Abdul-Mawjud
translated by Abdul-Rafi Adewale Imam

One thought on “Ibn Taymiyyah’s Influence on Ibn al-Qayyim (part 1)

  1. This is fataawa:
    All Saudie amwaal is bait-al-maal-al-muslemeen.Ibn Taymiyyah,Leader of the Believers suggest to raise against tyroni in kingdom. The only Kingdom is god. All the money needed to raise the salafie in the world.

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